Local Transport of Manamah, Bahrain

Local Transport of Manamah, Bahrain

Manama Bahrain

Since Manamah is part of Middle East and Gulf countries, it has its significance for many foreign workers who come here for the search of better living. Manamah offers workers, tourists, and families an excellent environment for shopping, entertainment and adventure.

Manama Airport

Manamah has an International Airport due to which going to Manamah is not difficult. Living in Saudi Arabia you can easily visit Manamah and enjoy its nightlife especially on the weekends. Apart from the airports, Manamah has an astronomical road networks. Manamah is the capital city therefore, all the government and commercial departments situated here. Therefore, there is a need for growing road network of roads for better accessibility to the city for everyone.

Bahrain Airport

The other main airport is Bahrain International Airport which provides wonderful services to its passengers. You can land to Manamah via Bahrain International Airport also. The airport links the two important countries Saudi Arabia and Iran to Bahrain which makes it feasible for businessmen to run their business conveniently.

Islands In Manamah

There are four major islands in Manamah and they all are linked with each other through the proper network of roads. You can easily access towns and neighboring villages by these roads. There is a four-lane highway road which joins Bahrain with Saudi Arabia. Therefore, many families travel through these roads enter Bahrain.  Since Manamah is the central point for all the major activities going on in Bahrain, it is linked through the network of trains as well as buses.

Bus Services In Manamah

You will also find exclusive bus services in Manamah. Travelling through bus is a way cheaper than other mode of transportation available in Manamah. You spend up to 200 Fils if you travel on bus which is affordable for everyone.

Mina Salman in Bahrain

The port called Mina Salman in Bahrain has the capacity to facilitate 16 oceangoing vessels. There is also a merchant fleet of 8 ships. The port is playing an important role in the economic growth of the country. As a tourist if you want to hire a private car or a cab in Manama, you will get it but on a higher rates. A wise option is to use either trains or buses to travel in the city. While traveling on a bus you can view many beautiful and attractive places in Manamah.


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